Governor Walker Does NOT care…

He does not care about the facts, he does not care about the people of Wisconsin, he does not care that he has helped divided our state like no one ever had and he does not care about the upcoming recall election. If he did he would acknowledge the reasons behind the recall election and then work to inform why he disagrees.

Instead he can look the interviewer in the eye and flat out lie saying that the recall petitioners are being paid. Whats even worse than that is that when asked a follow up flat out said he had no proof whatsoever, thus he just felt like lying. Ethics and honesty mean nothing when it comes down to getting your political agenda passed and you can tell that he has nothing but contempt for those that do not subscribe to his political philosophy.

Maybe the symptoms should have been easy to diagnose knowing that he never finished college and has spent his whole career in politics. Maybe someone whose sole career goal has been political advancement can not be counted on to ever do the right thing, especially in this big money era.

Whatever the case, everytime the Governor speaks he shows us why he needs to be recalled. We need to restore honor and integrity and ethics back into our government.

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9 thoughts on “Governor Walker Does NOT care…

  1. He cares,he fixed wisconsin. You have to be A greedy public union worker to see it any other way

  2. For some people it is about winning, and being honest just gets in the way of WINNING! Walker is such a person. The only value he honors is WINNING, and, of course, taking orders from ALEC and the Koch Bros.

  3. ray, you’re paranoid. not all recall petition signers are weac members. but all walker supporters are selfish paranoics. you’re outnumbered.

  4. No Sparke, it’s the selfish public unions that are outnumbered.Zack even the teachers are buying it the honest one’s.
    Elections used to have consequences. But not anymore in the age of fleebaggers and frivolous recalls.

    1. The “honest ones?”

      You mean the far right-wing teachers who are saying whatever the Walker campaign wants them to say? They’re hardly unbiased.

  5. What are you talking about Zach? The 2 hand-picked teachers in those Walker ads are so honest that….they won’t even reveal what schools they teach at so people can check if what they’re saying is true.

    If you’re going to throw yourself into this thing, we have a right to find out if you’re lying. Sorry, this ain’t the Char-LIE Sykes show, it’s the real world. And in the real world, you don’t get to have your opinion without having to take on the accountability that goes with it.

  6. well you can call him Ray, or you can call him Jay. Or you can call him RJ. Or you can call him Johnny……

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