Whats the Penalty for Perjury?

Yesterday, testimony was released on the GOP redistricting process, and the star witness was Adam Foltz & Tad Ottman. Foltz is an aide to Assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, while Ottman is an aide to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. No word why an aide to Steve Fitzgerald was not involved also. While the Journal Sentinel was very kind in calling Foltz’s testimony “seemingly inconsistent”. Here at BB we report, you decide:

In his testimony, Foltz disclosed that he provided copies of the legislative and congressional maps to Mark Jefferson and Mike Wild at the RNC before they were passed. Wild is on the RNC’s redistricting committee. Jefferson is the Midwest regional director for the RNC, a position he took this summer after serving more than four years as the executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Foltz said he provided the maps to the RNC at the direction of legal counsel before they were passed. Lawmakers have retained the firms Michael Best & Friedrich and the Troupis Law Office for work on the maps, and they have committed $400,000 in taxpayer money to cover those expenses.

So the first two people that the Fitzgerald Brothers ran their new “impartial” redistricting map to were two high ranking officers from the GOP. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I do not remember either Mike Wild or Mark Jefferson being on any ballot where we could vote on them and they would be held accountable to the citizens of WI, do you?

Then we got some other news from Ottman’s testimony that they enlisted the help of convicted felon Scott “Scooter” Jensen to locate leaders in the Latino community who could discuss maps on Milwaukee’s south side. Why any community “leader” would work with Scott Jensen is beyond me. I also believe you lose the title “leader” when you do work with 3 time convicted felon Scooter Jensen.

What was also interesting about the report was this:

Republicans have argued Joe Handrick(republican lobbyist hired as a consultant), Ottman, Foltz and others should be protected from testifying about many matters, saying they are protected by attorney-client privilege and legislative privilege because they were working for lawmakers through legal counsel. The court has rejected that notion twice, on Dec. 8 and Dec. 20.

The Dec. 20 court ruling came down during Handrick’s deposition, saying he had to answer a range of questions. Attorneys advised him to continue to not answer many questions because they were going to appeal the order.

The more transparency republicans have told their staff to not answer any questions regarding redistricting, because basically they dont want people to know the process.

Move along, nothing to see here…..


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