No One Listens to Scott Walker Anymore

Not even the Republican Senators:

“As governor, I will sign legislation to prohibit the members of the State Legislature from voting after 10:00 at night or before 9:00 in the morning. This commonsense reform ensures the public has the opportunity to contact elected representatives about their votes on any pending legislation important to them. I have two teenagers and I tell them that nothing good happens after midnight. That’s even more true in politics. The people of Wisconsin deserve to know what their elected leaders are voting on.”
–Scott Walker

Senate passes mining deregulation in earlymorning session.

Senate Republicans approved a bill that would loosen restrictions on wetland development in an ugly early morning session Wednesday that underscored the animosity that has permeated the state Capitol in the year since Gov. Scott Walker stripped public workers of nearly all their union rights.

In what has become Modis Operandi in the legislature this year:

Lawmakers on both sides looked exhausted as they took their seats. Mike Ellis called for a vote after only about 20 minutes on the floor and the measure passed 17-15 along party lines. Republicans hurried out of the chamber as the protesters chanted “Shame!”

Late night session, little debate, quick vote, bill passes along party lines, republicans run out of the chamber and disappear to(well deserved) chants of shame. And people pretend that we do not need recalls! We desperately need to change control of this senate with successful recalls.


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5 thoughts on “No One Listens to Scott Walker Anymore

  1. These are the the things that should be the emphasis of the recall efforts. The list is long.
    I understand how important the bargaining rights issue is to those it affects directly and to those of us who understand that it was not for the budget, as Walker admitted when under oath, but to take money away from the unions for political purposes.
    Unfortunately not everyone does gets it. To many people union members got a candybar and they didn’t and they think it is alright for Walker to take away the union member candybar. Guess it depends on how you deal with childish tantrums.

  2. I salute you and all the other bloggers who make process visible. It is the process, even more than the outcome, that really sucks at present.

  3. I ascribe it more to the fact that Scott Walker is a proven, habitual liar and that he never meant that in the first place.

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