Scott Fitzgerald Rambles

Steve pointed out how inept republican majority leader Scott Fitzgerald is in terms of how he completely mishandled the recall against him. Now we have video of Fitz the Elder going into an incoherent rant that has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the topic at hand. 6 Martini lunch at the Inn at the Park perhaps?

Does anyone really think that Scott Fitzgerald is fit to lead the Senate? How long until the republicans cut bait and replace him and let him twist in the wind in his own district? The more he speaks the better it is for the democratic party!


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6 thoughts on “Scott Fitzgerald Rambles

  1. Republicans who love competition and the free market must be incensed that WisconsinEye has a monopoly on access to the Legislature.

  2. The gomers flat-out admitted in defending the camera ban that limiting embarrassing video clips is the only rationale.

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