Joe Scarborough: Aurora mass shooting suspect on autism spectrum

“You don’t want to generalize,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough earlier today before saying that James Holmes, the suspected Aurora, Colo., shooter, was “on the autism scale.”

“As soon as I hear about this shooting, I knew who it was. I knew it was a young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society — it happens time and time again. Most of it has to do with mental health; you have these people that are somewhere, I believe, on the autism scale,” said Scarborough, whose son has Asperger’s syndrome. “I don’t know if that’s the case here, but it happens more often than not. People that can walk around in society, they can function on college campuses — they can even excel on college campuses — but are socially disconnected.”

Keep in mind Scarborough made his generalization (despite not wanting to generalize) without any solid evidence to back up his assertion about James Holmes.

Seemingly oblivious to the words that were coming out of his mouth, Scarborough also said people should, “Resist the temptation to extrapolate details prematurely into a whole.”

Or not.

At any rate, Joe Scarborough has proven he’s a grade-A moron.


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5 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough: Aurora mass shooting suspect on autism spectrum

  1. Sort of like that conservative Brian Ross on ABC news when he found a “Jim Holmes” on the Denver Tea Party website and broadcast that “fact” to the nation. See there’s idiots on both sides of the political aisle.

  2. “Mostly, we are terrified of terror without cause. It feeds no agenda, it supports no doctrine, its takes no side. The pitiful attempt to assign it purpose reveals our darkest fears-that sometimes evil has no design. Sometimes, it has no rhyme or reason.”

    Aurora: No Rhyme or Reason…What We Really Fear

  3. How can anybody with a child on the Autism Spectrum compare it with mental health. In all of my advocacy this is the first time I have heard this comparison

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