Another Unique Lie In The Sale of Wisconsin Government To The Highest Bidder!

This is just a subscript in a recent article about how poorly the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had performed under the Walker Administration:

Walker and the Legislature also scaled back the power of state agencies by giving the governor authority to review and approve all regulations written by state agencies before they take effect.

“That’s incredibly significant from a business standpoint,” WMC’s Bott said. “Sometimes an agency may not be aware how impactful a regulation might be.”

Sometimes an agency doesn’t understand the impact of its actions? An agency charged with regulating a particular area doesn’t understand it? Aren’t the state employees working in state agencies supposedly subject matter experts in their areas? And they won’t understand the repercussions of their actions? But the governor (and not just Governor Walker but any governor) is supposedly a subject matter expert in all things? More experienced that the department experts?

Well, I hardly think so…but he can react correctly to his outside influences in our current pay for play state house by over riding his own department experts!


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4 thoughts on “Another Unique Lie In The Sale of Wisconsin Government To The Highest Bidder!

  1. Good to keep shining a light on what he does. Funny, no one from the other side can even defend him any more here like in times past. Can’t defend the indefensible, I guess.

  2. The “problem” is that Governor Thompson made the WDNR Secretary the Governor’s appointment vs. the Natural Resources Board. Until that is changed back, Doyle, Walker, Burke doesn’t matter. It’s all political.
    btw – Governor Doyle campaign promised to restore the WDNR Secretary appointment to the Natural Resources Board. He reneged multiple times. Wonder why???

    1. Because he lacked the will just like the Democratic-dominated legislature lacked the will to change re-districting. Democratic voters in Wisconsin have moved on and ask for better. Question is why would state Republican voters continue to support Walker? Well, we know many won’t this time around and good for them. I would love to see the Wisconsin Republican Party return to its roots.

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