Whither MKE County: Pat Jursik Calls Out The Suburbs on Housing Discrimination

This is a surprisingly harsh assessment of the suburbs blatant disregard for equal housing…on top of the fact that they oppose regional public transportation at every turn…but County Supervisor Pat Jursik simply lays it on the line:

Supervisor Patricia Jursik today issued the following statement regarding the SEWRPC Regional Housing Plan:

“Ferguson, MO is the blueprint for the next phase of civil rights struggle: The Integration of the Outer Suburbs. This year, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, (SEWRPC) created a Regional Housing Plan with recommendations for affordable, workforce housing and attention to patterns of housing discrimination. The Milwaukee County Board adopted this plan, which is supported by good fact-finding and fully noticed public hearings.

“The subtle signs of racism are already being planted here in Southeastern Wisconsin as displayed by the actions of the Ozaukee County Board and Waukesha County Board, with the Ozaukee County Board outright rejecting the Housing Plan and Waukesha amending the plan to point of gutting it.

“Will the State of Wisconsin be pro-active in encouraging affordable housing in the outer suburbs now they have chosen to run Milwaukee County? My guess is probably not, since it is the local Milwaukee County Board that had been proactive on affordable housing and workforce alternatives.

“The one sign of hope is the recent trend of both singles and recently retired people in moving to the metropolitan area where there is diversity, creative cultural offerings, open-mindedness and youthful vigor.

“Violence is never an alternative, but blandness is not a good choice either and that seems to come with this display of prejudice. It comes with discriminatory housing where the “haves” wall-off the very workers needed in their local community businesses while failing to provide the transportation needed to get around these “walls””.


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7 thoughts on “Whither MKE County: Pat Jursik Calls Out The Suburbs on Housing Discrimination

  1. Jursik shows her subtle racism by accusing others of being racist by opposing low income housing.

    Why does she assume people who live in low income housing are minorities?

    It has nothing to do with racism… Low income also brings higher crime rates and other assorted negatives.

    1. matt,

      How do you explain all the crime on Wall Street?

      They don’t live in low-income housing and thanks to all the welfare, have extremely high incomes?

      “Bank Of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On U.S. Taxpayers With Federal Approval”


      matt, to help you put $75 trillion in perspective, US GDP in 2012 was around $16.5 trillion. We blew a lot more than the $6 trillion they’re claiming in Iraq and Afghanistan. Social Security’s Trust Fund is around $2.3 trillion. Bank of America is just one Wall Street bank. They all have derivative exposure. I’ve seen estimates of $700 trillion, but I don’t think anyone knows.

      matt, cuz you’re against racism, what do you think of Tanhesi Coates’ “The Case For Reparations?”


      “Bank of America Dumps $75 trillion in derivatives on US taxpayers with federal approval.


      1. John, the “Wall Street” thread killer strikes again. Stay on topic huh? Ed’s topic has nothing to do with Wall Street nor does Matt’s comment. No reply necessary. Thx.

        1. ig,

          You missed the “crime” part of matt’s comment.

          He wrote: “… Low income also brings higher crime rates and other assorted negatives.”

          It’s again so typical of you to defend President Obama for NOT indicting even one Wall Street CEO.

          “Why I let Wall Street Go”


          The oligarchs all thank you for your support.

          W/R/T your reading comprehension challenges, have you tried http://www.spritzinc.com ?

    2. Perhaps Matt would care to elaborate, because what I’m getting from his comment is that poor folks should be segregated from the suburbs because they bring crime along with them.

      I know that’s not necessarily the case, but I’d love to hear him explain his support for segregation.

    3. Yes Matt, I agree that minorities aren’t the only ones who live in low income housing.

      But I totally disagree that “Low income also brings higher crime rates and other assorted negatives.” It isn’t always the case. But crime and other assorted negatives occur when low income people are ghettoized without economic opportunity, without societal hope and without access to jobs.

      The invisible barrier between Milwaukee’s very visible ghetto (which unfortunately is made up primarily of minorities) consisting of inadequate public transit and little available affordable housing is the conscious result of suburban governments. And most of us can clearly see it as has an intentional racist agenda…

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