The #GOPDebate tweet of the night

Courtesy of the folks at Funny or Die.

While the tweet was certainly a joke, it also highlights the very real fact that Gov. Scott Walker did absolutely NOTHING at tonight’s Republican presidential debate to bolster his sagging presidential campaign. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Walker relegated to the second-tier candidate debate the next time around, because he seems really out of place on the same stage as the “top tier” Republican presidential candidates.

As I watched tonight’s debate, Walker seemed ill at ease, as some conservatives noted:

Walker seemed unwilling (or perhaps unable) to answer any questions without resorting to material from his stump speech, and his performance tonight did more harm than good to his campaign. As I noted earlier, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him relegated to the bottom-tier Republican presidential debate the next time around.


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6 thoughts on “The #GOPDebate tweet of the night

  1. Is he wearing a hairpiece? Top of his melon seems more “full”. Of hair. Nothing else, unfortunately.

  2. I saw parts of the debate and short of who won the immunity challenge and who should have their torch extinguished, I really feel the musical chairs game theory should be liberally applied by removing at least one podium after each Republicon debate and should be seriously considered by the networks. Would likely increase their viewer numbers, and interest substantially.

    Perhaps viewers could phone in or text their votes until the GOP field is whittled down to four participants.

    The minor league “team,” should just be sent home or maybe just have their US citizenship revoked.

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