Tom Palzewicz For Congress

From our Facebook timeline just a few minutes ago:

I offer thanks and appreciation to Congressman Sensenbrenner for his service to the country.

America has seen what unfettered Republican control of our national government means, and chose a different path in 2018.

In order to address climate change, gun violence, access to health care, smarter national security policy, and a stronger economy and education system, I intend to be a candidate for the 5th District again in 2020.

I’m a veteran, a business leader, and a husband and father, and I’m looking forward to hitting the campaign trail again this fall.

-Tom Palzewicz

And from the good old email in box:


I’m in.

The 40-year incumbent has announced his retirement, and I’m running again to return Wisconsin’s 5th District to the people.

Are you with me?Please sign up here to help the campaign.

Last year, I ran and we did better than any opponent ever has in this district, since Sensenbrenner was first elected in 1978.

And with a divisive Republican primary sure to come, and an unpopular President making bad decision after bad decision, we can take this district back in 2020.

I can’t do it without you.
Click here to sign up to help.

We must address the crisis of climate change.

We must continue to improve the Affordable Care Act and make quality healthcare accessible to all, on the path to a Medicare for All.

We must fix the mistakes they’ve made in the economy. That means ending the trade war, raising wages, and cutting taxes for those at the bottom through a Cost-of-Living Refund, while making those who are doing the very best pay their fair share.

We must address corruption in the political system, by overturning Citizens United, ending gerrymandering, and making voting accessible to all Americans.

We must combat the scourge of gun violence by instituting training, licensing and universal background checks and making sure we keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

We must fix our broken immigration system, stop separating families, and adhere to our nation’s core values while we restore a sense of fairness and logic.

We must invest in education, cut student loan debt and make college affordable for all, including making community college free. Every child deserves a great school with great teachers and access to libraries, art, music, and physical education. 

That’s just some of what we need to do.

I’ll ask again—are you with me?

Let’s get this done.

In partnership,


P.S. This will be a grassroots campaign, but we need resources to get the message out. Please consider making a contribution now. Thanks!


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