Pennsylvanian Voting As Dead Mother Was Only Practicing Civil Disobedience?

Oh this one is really rich…and certainly a bizarre twist on reality. And yes, civil disobedience is a valued and long time method of protest. But usually the point of civil disobedience is as a protest against an unfair law or unfair situation…and you make your actions in public in an attempt to get the attention of the public. AND you expect to take responsibility and accept the consequences of your actions.

The lawyer representing Bruce Bartman – the Pennsylvania Republican charged with voter fraud for pretending to be his dead mother to illegally cast a vote on her behalf for President Donald Trump – says his client believed he was participating in some kind of “protest.”

“He was angry at people criticizing the president and complaining about the election process, and he wanted to do what he considered civil disobedience by registering his mother and voting her,” the attorney, Samuel Stretton, told Insider on Tuesday. “Of course, he was wildly mistaken.”

Stretton told Insider that Bartman plans to plead guilty once his case goes through preliminary hearings, calling his actions “a terrible mistake.”

The 70-year-old Bartman faces a maximum of 19 years in prison. Stretton said he hopes his client receives probation.

“He was totally wrong in doing that and he’s accepted full and complete responsibility,” Stretton said.

Well, no he wasn’t ready to accept full and complete responsibility because like most criminals, he had no remorse until he was caught. And he was caught because of all of the reviews, recounts, and oversight of the election process resulting from the lawsuits of the Trump campaign. Until then he thought he had pulled a fast one.

And taking responsibility isn’t hoping for probation either. Although 19 years seems extremely harsh, probation would be a joke. Particularly after the continual and repeated unproven claims from the Trump campaign about voter fraud and illegal voting. In the wake of all of this nonsense, now that a fraudulent vote has been uncovered, he really needs the book thrown at him.

You know, Law And Order!

Prosecutors said Bartman was the only voter fraud case they found out of hundreds of tips submitted to them.


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