Infographic of the Day – Forbes Migration Map

Forbes Magazine has created a fascinating interactive map that allows you to select any county in the United States and track in- and outbound migration patterns based on a compilation of 2008 IRS data sets.  You can access the map here.

Here’s the map for Dane County where I live, indicating significant migration all over the country:

Forbes In- & Out- Migration map of the United States

I selected a couple of other WI counties and found the migratory level and locations to be significantly different.  For example here is Fond du Lac county, with migration to the sunbelt AZ.

Forbes Fond du Lac County Migration Patterns

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7 thoughts on “Infographic of the Day – Forbes Migration Map

  1. Interesting. I guess, Arizona’s immigration law hasn’t stopped people from moving there from Fondy.

    1. Thanks Super Id,
      Not too surprising given the demographics of Fond du Lac and the age of those most likely moving to AZ.

  2. Another non Surprise..The Wisconsin Unions, especially the AFSCME and WEAC have been recommending that retirees move to Arizona and Florida and Texas for years. Live fat and happy off the Wisconsin Taxpayer, (who will pay for your luxurious health care package and generous Pensions), for 30 years then run as fast as you can to a low tax state as soon as you retire.

    1. Although if you look at the map (at least for Florida, the average income per capita for folks moving to some of those counties in Florida is far higher than any state retirees make. For instance, the average per capita income for folks moving to Collier County, Florida was $477,000, which is far more than any state employees make (even with all that overtime that some employees can rack up).

  3. The more interesting dynamic is how little out migration from Fond du Lac County there is outside of WI, MN & IL. Compare this to Dane County, where granted we have a major University that generates lots of mobility, and you see a group less willing to venture afar.

  4. I was interested to see where folks were migrating to from Milwaukee County. Lots of movement to Arizona, California, and Florida, but lots of movement to Maryland as well.

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