Sean Duffy has some explaining to do!

Recently MTV reality show star Sean Duffy held a $250 dollar a plat fundraiser with disgraced former speaker and 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

This week brings some interesting revelations regarding the person that Newt Gingrich is. An 8000 word essay detailing what Newt Gingrich is all about. . Newt has been to Iowa numerous times(hmm wonder why?) and in 2009 he was the most frequent guest on NBC’s Meet The Press(I also wonder why).

The republican reality “star” and B-Movie \”actor\”, , now can list as his two major supporters Sarah Palin and Newt. When asked about his reality show past, he answers:

“I was young,” he explained to voters recently at Ojibwa Golf and Bowl, a Chippewa Falls hangout. “They edit in things. I didn’t have any kids yet. If you want to know my character, look at the kids I’ve raised. All I can do is tell you this is what I’ve done. This is where I’ve been. This is where I stand.”

The question I am asking is does he stand with Newt and would he like his kids to emulate Newt?

Lets look at some gems from the essay:

• ditching his first wife, who had put him through college, by announcing their separation in the hospital room where she was recovering from ovarian cancer surgery, and telling a friend, “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the president. And besides, she has cancer”;

• leaving said woman to depend, literally, on church alms to survive, as he refused to provide child support. (In a campaign leaflet, he argued that his opponent for the seat he eventually won would have to separate from her family to move to Washington and would have to hire a nanny to fulfill her maternal obligations.);

• marrying a much younger woman with whom he had been having an affair —and to whom he had long ago proposed—six months later;

• leaving this woman by calling her at her mother’s home on her mother’s birthday following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and announcing their impending divorce.

• marrying yet another woman, described by The Washington Post as a ” blonded-up, French-horn-playing Agriculture Committee staffer” 23 years his junior, with whom he had also been having an affair, while leading the forces of impeachment against Bill Clinton for his extracurricular activities with Monica Lewinsky.

Its time Sean Duffy answer this question, does he stand with Newt or should he live up to his character claim and return the money that Newt helped him raise? Unless of course he feels these are the same values of the members of his district…


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14 thoughts on “Sean Duffy has some explaining to do!

  1. Is Ojibwa Golf a hangout? lulz
    IMO – If this guy does well it will be all about The Republican party and NOT about this guy. At least not in the CF area. This seems outlandish to me. One thing that does NOT play in CF is an outsider. Never ever ever. And this guy is waaay too worldy, way too “town-ish” in that area. and for REPUBLICANS??? Holy shit, this guy is just faggoty from the point of view of people who set their toddlers on 4 wheelers and let ’em loose thru the fields.
    When I say Outsider, you can move to CF live your life there, and die there – still as a “newcomer”. Maybe, MAYBE your kids MIGHT be considered locals, IF they kiss ass 24/7.
    So he might draw a crowd due to the curiosity, like getting a close look at one of those crazy Reality TV Stars with NO MORALS etc etc . But will they vote for him? If they do, it isn’t liking, it’s hating – hating Democrats, and hating the idea of a little blonde girl who looks like she should be making her first run at school board having that much power and status. But as much as they’ll be hating on Lassa, is a frat-boy lookin’ kid (his pix still look too “Pampered College Student”)going to be their first choice as antidote to Lassa? I kinda doubt it. And I wonder hoe warmly that Hispanic Wife thing will go over. That is WAY “not like US” in an area I think is all about Social and Political Homogeneity. Prob’ly that’s why all the money is pouring in (other than that’s how it goes anyways) But they’ll have to do a lot of hard-sell of this ‘faggoty’ party guy.
    What a massively weird race this is. Obey’s stepping down leaves a huge power void, strange elements are swirling up from the riverbottom to fill in the hole. yuck. Hate it when that happens.
    btw, how does Lassa look in camo? She may have to Man-Up and go into the Woods

    1. faggoty? Really? Do we need to resort to that to attack Duffy?

      I understand you’ve got something to say, but that kind of incendiary language – along with the other languague you peppered throughout your comment – does more harm than good.

  2. Duffy seems to be another example where D.C. insiders care a lot more about his candidacy than the people he’s supposed to be trying to represent (and by the way, are the people that vote him in or out). I’m guessing the Northwoods folks ain’t gonna look kindly on a guy whose main qualification seems to be that he once played the token right-wing douche on “The Real World” 15 years ago.

    Sorta tells you how in touch those D.C. folks are with the voters, don’t it? Watch how their narrative changes once September and October roll around and they actually have to hang out with the great unwashed.

  3. We were told in 2008 that who a candidate associates with doesn’t matter (Rev. Wright), so why should we care about anything in this post? Liberals set the precedent, now live with it.

    1. I’m Sorry I missed it, did Obama fly in Rev Wright for a fundraiser and sell plates at $250 per?

    2. I’m Sorry I missed it, did Obama fly in Rev Wright for a fundraiser and sell plates at $250 per? Also Obama acknowledged that some of the things that Wright said were goofy.

      1. He only acknowledged that after there was a media firestorm, because he didn’t say a peep for the prior 20+ years.

        Have you disavowed all candidates that Bill Clinton has done and will do fundraisers for?

  4. Wow, love the high level of discourse here. I guess since Duffy is a “fagoty douche” and all the voters in his district are backwoods, racist hicks he just shouldn’t bother.

    1. One person does not constitute the entire discussion. I think the discussion has been on-topic, with that one notable exception.

      1. Actually was two posts I quoted from, not just the one which was the bulk of the discussion at the time.

  5. The point is with his background and supporters, it is kind of hard to take the Christian Conservative, family values, moral high ground!

  6. I heard Duffy wants to dip puppies in BP oil and deep fry them like poppers with all his buddies at the NYSE. I also heard he has a gay friend. The horror!

    1. You can take it out to the ridiculous, but as I stated the repubs unlimited support of Duffy shows that the family cavlue conservative mantra of the republican party no longer applies. It is now strictly winning elections.

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