Let the flip flops begin…..

H/t to James Rowen. The story in the Journal Sentinel today, shows that Scott Walker is now trying to find a way to not start out his reign in the hole and still please his look good to his major donors, and appease the hate radio squawkers in the state.

For the first time, Gov.-elect Scott Walker is raising the possibility he could support spending $810 million in federal funds on train service – just not the train service for which it was allocated.

Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, has repeatedly vowed to block construction of a planned high-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison. He reiterated that position Sunday in an interview with Mike Gousha on “UpFront” on WISN-TV (Channel 12).

Until now, Walker has said he wanted the federal stimulus money to be redirected to Wisconsin highways – something that federal and state officials have flatly ruled out.

of course who cares about details:

When the Midwest regional rail network was being mapped out in the 1990s, then-Gov. Tommy G. Thompson and other backers said starting with a new Milwaukee-to-Madison route would provide more “bang for the buck” than first upgrading the current Hiawatha route to 110 mph service, which they said would take more money and more time.

The federal stimulus money was awarded in a competitive process, with dozens of projects nationwide competing for $8 billion. Wisconsin won more than 10% of the cash after submitting a detailed application, building on years of studies, in coordination with other Midwestern projects that also received funding.

He is sitting behind closed doors working with Scooter trying to figure out the best way HE can look good on this issue no matter what it does to the people of Wisconsin.


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6 thoughts on “Let the flip flops begin…..

  1. Why do people do that to living creatures? What is so cool about watching a fish flop around out of water? Thanks for sharing that video…it added so much to your point. (NOT)

      1. Sorry all, just trying to have some fun when there has not been much the last couple weeks.

        1. It’s not fun or funny to see a living creature suffer.

          “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”…St. Francis of Assisi

  2. Don’t forget to tweet @GovWalker that you support high speed rail. This flip flopper needs to hear from people who are pro-jobs, pro-economic development, pro-tourism, pro-future when it comes to moving Wisconsin forward. This means trains, planes, buses, bicycles, automobiles, trolleys and walkways are all part of the infrastructure that pro-business people should support.

  3. Walker has to figure out some way, any way, to save the many jobs he will lose. But he can’t have it in the Milwaukee/Madison corridor. So apparently we’re going to have a high speed rail between Fond du Lac and Appleton, woohoo.

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