Scott Walkers very favorite charity…

Appears to be Scott Walker! The story that hit the news this afternoon is, Proceeds from Governor-elect Scott Walker’s inaugural events will go toward his campaign and the state Republican Party.

That’s a different approach than how outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle handled his inaugural festivities. Doyle’s events benefited Boys & Girls Clubs around Wisconsin, providing them $233,000 in 2003 and $323,000 in 2007.

The Boy King, in this holiday season, has searched the state and found the one charity that is neediest and that he most admires is HIM – Scott Walker. Somewhere Dan Kapanke is very jealous!


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2 thoughts on “Scott Walkers very favorite charity…

  1. What an inclusive and class act he is. Not only has he dissed Wisconsin charities, but democrats and independents too. Apparently, he will only be governor for some of Wisconsin’s citizens.

    Hunker down everyone…the next few years is going to be ugly.

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