The Paul Ryan Love Train…

The death of the media in America has been showcased the last few days in a Paul Ryan Love fest.

In the USA TODAY an article ran about the US debt and not only led off with the paul ryan crush, but also featured a picture of him and his nice hair.

RACINE, Wis. — If Americans aren’t prepared for the hard choices needed to control the national debt, most voters here must have missed the memo.

The local Republican congressman, Paul Ryan, campaigned for re-election by calling for reductions in the growth of Medicare and Social Security. He won with 68% of the vote.

Ryan’s landslide in a southeastern Wisconsin district formerly held by Democrats may be a testament to the national mood when it comes to red ink, budget watchdogs and local business groups say. As President Obama and Congress turn their attention from energizing the economy to balancing the budget, even sacred items such as retirement programs will be fair game — something Ryan tells his constituents regularly.

Are you kidding? formerly held by democrats? in 1995!! what journalist would seriously print that? He also points out that Ryan won with 68% of the vote, he conveniently forgets to point out that ryan is the leading money grubber from Wall st in WI and has a campaign treasure chest that is virtually impossible to beat? nope do not see that in there either. Did they mention his district is one of the hardest hit by unemployment in all of the districts in the country? nope missed that one also…..

Then we move onto the the Wisconsin State Journal Editorial page:

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan has put more energy and ideas into fixing America’s financial mess than any other member of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation.

Yet even he needs to do more.

Of course his votes for TARP, Medicare Part D, the Auto Bailout, the Wall Street Bailout, and two wars off the books with no oversight notwithstanding. He also has a roadmap that will lead to an increase in the deficit. Maybe one day Mr. Milfred will explain what he has actually done(and maybe while he is at it why he hates American workers, but thats yet another post).

Thank goodness for a voice of Ryan reason in Capital Times editorial pointing out what Ryan truly feels about his constituency when he voted against extending unemployment benefits, all while fighting hard to cut taxes on corporations and Billionaires.

Ryan likes the limelight, and he devotes plenty of time to chasing it.

Far more time, it appears, than he does to worrying about the communities he represents in southeast Wisconsin, a region where major auto plants and auto-parts facilities have been closing on a regular basis in recent years.

Racine and Janesville — Ryan’s hometown — have some of the highest unemployment rates in the state. And, with few jobs in the offing, southeastern Wisconsinites whose names are on the unemployment rolls are particularly vulnerable.

Many of them are among the 800,000 Americans whose unemployment benefits were set to expire at the end of November unless Congress acted to extend those benefits. That number would grow to 2 million by the end of the year.

Concern for the unemployed led 258 members of the House — 237 Democrats and 21 Republicans — to vote in late November for an emergency measure to extend unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, while that was a strong majority of House members, a two-thirds majority was needed to secure the extension.

Remarkably, Ryan was not among the 21 Republicans who voted to extend the benefits.

He couldn’t be bothered to worry about out-of-work Wisconsinites.

Television “stars” don’t have time for working families in towns like Racine and Janesville.


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3 thoughts on “The Paul Ryan Love Train…

  1. As much as I dislike Paul Ryan on many principles, I have to say this – I think he’s better than most Republicans through out the nation who only criticize and don’t have any ideas other than to get democrats out of power. Are they dumb ideas? I think a lot of them are, but at least he’s willing to actually think about them.

    I still hold Tom Petri over him by all means though, since he you know – has actually kept the Fox Valley in good shape were as Paul Ryan let the cities he represented fall into the dumps while he remained the darling of Wall Street. Honestly, if Paul Ryan’s plan actually worked, why hasn’t he applied it to Racine, Kenosha, and Janesville? I suppose I shouldn’t be nitpicky though.

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