Heaven Help Us…..

I have written before about anti-intellectualism and nothing i can write can speak to it better than this little 3 minute clip from the Hannity show. I am not even going to editorialize it, this speaks for itself:


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4 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us…..

  1. What a great clip that group nailed the failed president 100%. Two things though they are making the same mistake progressives did when the attacked Romney for being a Mormon, its funny how now they all get bent out of shape because people suggest Obama may be a Muslim, who cares if he is or not religion of a president or any candidate does not matter. The second issue is that the administration does not know what direction it should go in, they have sent so many mixed signals with Egypt that where they stand is about as clear as mud. This 3 min clip put the whole failed Obama administration into focus and the damage he has done to America here and abroad will take a long time to fix, but once he is removed from office in 2012 the recovery of America from a man who would be better suited working at a Popeyes can begin.

    1. Obama isn’t the king of the world. I think it’s disgusting the right wanted our country to immediately dictate what to do to another government.

      The hypocrisy comes from how much the far right mocks the UN (because cooperating peacefully with other countries when we aren’t the top dog is un-American or something I guess).

      The administration made it quite clear they want to see a peaceful transition in Egypt, and that the people of Egypt should be respected. I’m not sure what this made-up fiasco about not handling Egypt well came from. It’s not even our country!

  2. For the last time, Obama is not a muslim, marxist, communist or nazi. He’s a space alien sent here to suck the brains out of conservatives, and the hearts out of liberals. The post and comment above, and the midterm election results, prove it.

  3. He’s a SECRET Muslim. All his Christian God talk is just a cover, unlike all the other God-talking Christians who must always be telling the truth about their beliefs. It’s not like someone would talk-up their Christian beliefs just to score political points. That’s unthinkable!

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