He who would be King

Paul Ryan has had a series of \"listening sessions\". The problem is, for the first time in ryan’s career, his constituents are actually paying attention. They do not like what they see. Ending Medicare, along with tax cuts for the rich are not as popular in the 1st congressional District as it was was when he ran to California as the Koch Brothers servant. Now he puts on an hour and a half “listening” session with lots of (taxpayer funded) pretty charts and graphs. He also tried to filibuster as much as possible and take as few questions as he is able. yesterday was a new experience, as ryan snuck out the back and left in a (taxpayer funded) police car(driven by a public worker). He dodged a close call of having to actually deal with his constituents(AKA voters) up close and personal. We all know that the rabble is below Royalty so he left a staffer to drive his car through the crowd(no word yet on if his staff taste tests his food first also).

In his defense, he probably knew what kind of danger

Dan Kapanke and his car was in and wanted no part of it. Hence the staffer, since they are replaceable.

Meanwhile Harry Reid is paying attention as he is is going to schedule a vote in the Senate on the Ryan budget. Reid wants to make the Senators go on record supporting Ryan or not, and those that do go home and campaign for re-election on ending medicare(The republican senators are not too pleased). On the flip-side the Washington self absorbed punditocracy actually are running a Ryan for president campaign!

I agree with with this alternet article: PAUL PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Except for maybe Representative Allen West, no one deserves nationwide humiliation more!

Which leads me to Thursday Music, ever wonder why the republicans have to leave public events via the back door, tunnels, etc???


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