Pink Slip Paulie

I just heard Ist Congressional Democratic Challenger to ryan Rob Zerban, give an interview with Sly, where he pointed out how when Paul ryan first ran for office, he ran a paycheck protection campaign. He promised he would keep people in Janesville working at GM. We all know how that worked out, so Zerban called him “pink slip paul”. So i thought I would offer up this song for pink slip paul as his 2012 theme song!


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2 thoughts on “Pink Slip Paulie

  1. This is hilarious — if it weren’t so sad!

    How much longer does it take for the people in the 1st Congressional District to understand that Paul Ryan does not have THEIR best interest in mind? How many more jobs need to be send overseas? How many more people will go bankrupt because of the decline of their income? How much more money will be re-distributed to the wealthiest before we realize that Pink Slip Paul is working for the Koch brothers in this beautiful nation of OURS?

    Everyone wake up and support the person that can STOP Pink Slip Paul — Support ROB ZERBAN!

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