Some Tuesday Morning Questions:

Some things I have been thinking about lately, and do not have the answer too.

1. If Merit Pay is such a great idea, why dont we use it for politicians?

2. When a college marching band makes fun of your intelligence, how can anyone take you seriously? Here is the band from Rice University asking ““The next time you go to the polls, ask yourself, ‘Is your candidate smarter than an Aggie?’” (Texas Governor Rick Perry went to Texas A & M and was not known as the smartest guy).

3. Did Paul Ryan really walk in Janesville’s Labor day parade? Was he there to celebrate the end of all auto jobs in the first congressional district? How much money did Paul Ryan (R – Wall St) charge the good people of Janesville to be in his presence? Did Paul Ryan (R – $350 bottle of wine) have any attendees arrested for NOT having a job?

4. Did Sean Duffy really show up to walk in the labor day parade?

Two Republicans took advantage of the Marathon County Labor Council’s change of heart, and marched in yesterday’s Wausau Labor Day parade. Congressman Sean Duffy and state Senator Pam Galloway marched with dozens of supporters at the end of the procession. And they encountered union protestors who yelled “Shame, shame” while some on the other side screamed “Small government, Small government.” Some parade-goers turned their backs on the lawmakers, while chanting for a recall of Governor Scott Walker.

5. With 307 plus million people living in the United States, how small do you want the government to be?

6. Why do republicans hate democracy? Not just from their incredible outrage that people are paying attention year round, but also at the fact that anyone would challenge the anointed candidate of the Republican party in a primary contest. They feel the people should not have a choice in choosing their candidate, that Reince Priebus is smarter than the rest of the people of WI and he will tell them who they should support!

On the right side of the cheddarsphere, I cam across this Tuesday morning humor. Our friends on the far right side of the cheddarsphere decided to get together and form a union of Wisconsin bloggers to negotiate as one voice with the extreme right wing national club for growth, to rethink their support for Mark Neumann. I am not sure why alone they would not have more power? They are not on Tommy Thompson’s side either, they have bigger plans. They want another rock star like Ron Johnson(honest they said that).

7. Does Paul Ryan really think he could be Vice President? Also have you checked out the Paul Ryan Watch?


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2 thoughts on “Some Tuesday Morning Questions:

  1. As for 3: Yes, Ryan did walk in the Janesville parade. He was surrounded by quite a phalanx of green-shirts. He did not emerge from his protective cocoon. He was not cheered – or boo’d – at the main intersection. By comparison, I did get to shake hands with Tammy Baldwin and (Assembly 37th) Andy Jorgenson, who were actively engaging the crowd. Tim Cullen was walking the center line most of the time, but I did see him step out to talk with one supporter. These three did receive a fair amount of vocal support.

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