Republican Female Thugs – Brookfield Edition


H/T Fox 6

Steve Nagle argues a woman crossed the line between free speech and personal space. As first reported by FOX6’s media partners at the Brookfield Patch, Linda Lorino was cited for disorderly conduct by police. This is not a criminal matter, but instead a municipal violation, yet it was enough to involve both politics and police.

Lorino told FOX6 she originally stopped by to support a pro-Walker protester near Main Street and Bluemound Road, and then got into a debate with recall workers, and eventually noticed someone videotaping her. In the video, Nagle states that Lorino put her hands on him. “All I felt was like a hit from underneath, like an upper cut, and I went flying back,” Nagle said.

“I apologize to the gentleman if it caused him any embarrassment. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe I behaved like an immature school girl,” Lorino said.

I know why she acted that way, because republicans have a pattern of acting that way throughout this whole process. Yell and attack the recall petitioner and pretend your the victim when someone is videotaping you being the fool?

Ms. Lorino was cited for disorderly conduct by police, and now wants to apologize. Investigation into those ugly sunglasses is still underway!

I will say it again, Scott Walker or someone in the republican party needs to tell their supporters to calm down and let the process work before someone gets hurt. If the republicans are this mad about gathering signatures how unhinged will they become when we turn in the signatures on Tuesday and they see how immensely unpopular Scott Walker is?


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21 thoughts on “Republican Female Thugs – Brookfield Edition

  1. yes Joe that would make sense, since Linda Lorino is incredibly more manly than robin Vos and he would need someone like her to defend him.

    However that does not explain the numerous other instances of this kind of crap happening now does it?

  2. So make Ms. Lorina meet with Mr. Nagle on the same recall Petition corner location! Call it a do-over to role play civil discourse. Tape it and send her family a copy on the day petitions are certified. (at public expense, per the “broke’ governor.

  3. She needs help and I hope she gets it, she has anger issues, as they say.

    If he presses charges, it will be a man against a woman . I am really surprised at the news station for saying this is not a criminal act, but even more surprised that they seem so sympathetic towards her. Does that mean we can all hit strangers whenever we want to do so? Will we get to publicly apologize on television? Will the gentleman get to tell his side of the story, I mean his feelings etc. and will the anchors publicly sympathize?

  4. I think someone is trying to bait the recallers-to get someone to fight back.

    Didn’t she say she wanted to ‘make it right”? Well, a good start would be to say ‘I am sorry for hitting you. I am glad you are choosing to follow a peaceful process of recalling the governor. I am a Republican and I like the Governor, however, I understand that you have a different point of view and you have a right to that viewpoint.

    If I were a judge, I would give her work hours in a public school that has been effected by Walker’s cuts, or maybe she should have to send her own children to a school that has had a lot of cuts so she understands one of the reasons that many parents feel so strongly about the recall.

  5. Henrietta thats easy enough…
    “or maybe she should have to send her own children to a school that has had a lot of cuts so she understands one of the reasons that many parents feel so strongly about the recall. ”

    since it covers every school if she just paid attention….

  6. I am by no means sticking up for Ms. Lorino, but both parties have participated in foul play. What happened to some republican vans a couple years ago? I’m not taking sides and I know from personal experience that this woman thinks she is in the right no matter what she says. As for her kids, I believe they are either in college or graduated from college. I feel bad for her husband who was a nice man when I knew him and I wondered why he was married to her. All republicans and democrats I know are peaceful and I’m friends with many who have opposing views. Unfortunately this one person makes a political group look like “thugs” when all that I know are peaceful and willing for a good debate. I think what she did was horrible and should be more than a slap on the wrist but I’m not the law.

  7. A few years ago it was a random event here and there. These days during the recall process it seems it happens almost daily and the vast majority are done by Walker supporters. Especially in Brookfield where we had a similar video from fred frisbee recently posted.

  8. Over and over again Republicans are called “thugs” in this blog. But if they are thugs, they are thugs without criminal records. The Democratic Party has a corner on real thugs with real criminal records. Almost every criminal will vote Democratic whether or not he or she is legally allowed to vote at the time.

    An occasional Republican may act out a little at seeing the left try to overturn the results of a legal election. However, this is nothing compared to the acting out that would have happened if a recall was attempted on Mr. Doyle. Your thugs have very poor impulse controls and it would not have been pretty.

    1. Wingut, this isn’t an “occasional” incident; it’s part of a much wider trend. What’s more, many of the individuals who’ve engaged in assaultive/harassing behaviors towards recall supporters have been cited, and some are facing criminal charges, but hey….if you want to defend folks who are engaging in criminal behavior, so be it.

      1. I am seeing people on the left who lose control and are simply not charged. Such as the woman in Dane County who threatened Walker and his family. Dane County and Milwaukee County each has a district attorney who will only bring charges against someone who stands with Walker, never anyone who wants him out of the mansion.

        1. Wingnut, do you condone the types of behaviors your fellow conservatives have engaged in?

          Do you support physical aggression towards Walker opponents?

          1. No, Zach, I do not. Do you condone it when individuals on the left get aggressive? And they do.

              1. I guess people only see things they want to see. No, I am not going to spend time to look up the proof you requested. You will only brush the incidents aside anyway. But I have already mentioned the Madison woman who was not charged after threatening Walker and family. I guess you feel that is non-chargeable?

            1. Wingnut, I think we’ve made it clear here at Blogging Blue that we don’t condone that kind of behavior, but I’m disappointed it took you three responses before you’d admit you don’t condone those types of behaviors.

  9. “Over and over again Republicans are called “thugs” in this blog.”

    Thanks for noticing Wingnut that means alot to me!

    PS: a recall was attempted on Governor Doyle – It fizzled because there was no interest!

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