It’s A Done Deal: Scott Walker Signs Bill to Gut Milwaukee County Board

Governor Scott Walker found his way to Milwaukee today and signed Assembly Bill 85 to gut the power and authority of Milwaukee County’s Board of Directors:

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday Milwaukee County government should function more efficiently, under a County Board reform bill Walker signed into law.

“This allows us to empower the taxpayer,” Walker said at a bill-signing ceremony at Serb Hall on Milwaukee’s south side. “It saves money for the taxpayers…and will result in government that is more responsive and efficient.”

The measure cuts the power and resources of the County Board, while beefing up the authority of County Executive Chris Abele.

Supervisors would lose power on contracts, labor negotiations and land sales, under the measure. The County Board’s budget also drops by two-thirds, though some staff and other costs previously counted as part of the board’s current $6.6 million budget are excluded from a new funding cap for the board.

Supervisor terms will change from four years to two, starting with the 2016 elections, under the law.

And supervisor pay would drop by 50% to about $24,000 a year, if voters agree in a 2014 referendum. Only that provision is subject to voter approval.

Walker stressed the importance of the referendum as giving voters the power to decide whether to in effect reduce the job of Milwaukee County supervisor to part time.

“”This allows us to empower the taxpayer,” Walker said…” What, you just took away authority and power from my elected representative which in effect removes my personal direct access to that authority and you call that empowering? Really? I am not feeling it!

And here’s a good one:

The County Board has voted to hire an outside attorney to review the legislation for a possible court challenge.

Walker scoffed at the notion of a court challenge.

Scoffed you say? It’s not like any of his previous legislation hasn’t ended up in court…aina?

And I see a very prominent County Executive Chris Abele looking like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas…Democrat my foot!

Walker Signs AB85

Photograph by Michael Sears and appears on JSONLINE with the article linked here and above.


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8 thoughts on “It’s A Done Deal: Scott Walker Signs Bill to Gut Milwaukee County Board

  1. How fortuitous to have a “Reforming Government” sign hanging around. Makes for a good reminder – just in case there was any question as to what’s going on there. Last I checked “Reforming” and “Dismantling” weren’t analogous. Hmmm. Somehow they’ve fused in Wisconsin.

    “This allows us to empower the taxpayer” says Walker Yes. well. The royal “we” again. Abele joins the royal “we.” Funny, I seem to recall Abele repeating that very phrase or some permutation of reform and policy benefiting “taxpayers” more often than not. I seem to recall my response being something like representatives are to represent citizens.

  2. Doesn’t Milwaukee County have any people of color that are will to stand behind him? (Of course, they wouldn’t be allowed to stand any where else.) But seriously, considering the number of minorities living in Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs, it seems they should have been able to find one person of color to stand in for a photo op, guess not….. He makes me want to throw up.

  3. That photo is a who’s who list of people that hate this city. I don’t think the people in Milwaukee realize how nasty things are about to get.

  4. Wow…..i wonder why all of the “progressives” who were supporters of this bill didnt show up to celebrate the signing?

    EVERY politician that is in that picture should be ashamed to be there with Seymore….what a POS and a coward he is.

    For those of you who support this, if your on the same side as CRG…maybe its time to rethink that position.

    1. So Jeff….indulge me. Do you believe that anyone who supported reform of the Milwaukee County Board (whether that meant part-time supervisors, fewer supervisors, fewer staff) isn’t a progressive?

      1. I will say that this bill is a horrendous bill and i will also say that if your standing shoulder to shoulder with Orville Seymore you should probably rethink your position.

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