Wisconsin – A Great State for Business?!?!?!

There is a recent article by Chiefexecutive.net where Wisconsin jumped from the 41st best business climate in the U.S. to 24th in a survey of 550 chief executive officers. We all know that if you can\'t trust a CEO, who can you trust really? Then papers like The Beloit Daily News (whose editor should really step down due to conflict of interest), was giddy in writing about it.

“The improved ranking is proof that the nation’s top business leaders have noticed that Wisconsin is no longer in denial about the seriousness of its budget difficulties and is finally addressing the root cause of the problem, too much spending,” Bauer stated in a written release. “The ranking also appears to acknowledge recently enacted reforms to improve the regulatory climate for business, most notably by reducing frivolous lawsuits.”

Well as we also know, if you if you cant trust Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, to look out for the people of WI, who can you trust?

Two reasons why Wisconsin has moved so high up the list.

1. Scott Walker has proven that his administration is for sale. The Republicans have also proven Over and Over, that no give away will be spared for a corporation.

2. In terms of reducing “frivolous lawsuits”, let’s be clear. The Republican Legislature of Wisconsin did not “reduce frivolous lawsuits”, all they did was make it easier for corporations to harm the people of Wisconsin without fear of retribution. For some reason they never seem to complain about truly frivolous lawsuits:

A federal jury on Thursday rejected Mattel Inc.’s claims that it owns the copyright to the blockbuster, billion-dollar Bratz doll line and instead awarded upstart rival MGA Entertainment Inc. more than $88 million in damages for misappropriation of trade secrets.

So it appears to WMC and the BDN, that the more rights you take away from the citizens of the state the more “business friendly” you are. Here I thought it was an educated workforce, good school systems, demand for product, location, etc…


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