428,000 and counting

Today on JSonline today they broke down the costs, to the taxpayers of Wisconsin for the republican plan to run fake Democrats and force primaries.

Madison – A plan by Republicans to run fake Democratic candidates in this summer’s recall elections would cost taxpayers upward of $428,000, according to election clerks.

In one Senate district alone, the cost would top $100,000, interviews with county and municipal clerks show.

Election clerks estimate the cost of a Democratic primary in the districts of the recalled GOP lawmakers as follows: Sen. Rob Cowles of Allouez, $86,000; Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills, $69,700; Sen. Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls, $27,000; Sen. Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac, $84,200; Sen. Dan Kapanke of LaCrosse, $101,000; and Sen. Luther Olsen of Ripon, $60,200.

Those are only partial figures. Two counties in Harsdorf’s district, two counties in Olsen’s district and one county in Kapanke’s district did not provide estimates. The figures also do not include the costs for some of the municipalities within those counties.

How much more of the “fiscal conservative” republican party can the taxpayers of Wisconsin handle?


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74 thoughts on “428,000 and counting

  1. You forgot this quote as well:

    “Even if Republicans back off their plans in some of the districts, taxpayers are all but guaranteed to have to pay the costs of the primary, because Democrats now plan to run multiple candidates in order to guarantee all the recall elections are held on the same day. Tuesday is the filing deadline.”

    And how much is the recall effort going to cost? Can we blame Democrats for that?

    Also, I wonder why there wasn’t outrage on your behalf because of the MILLIONS that the Kloppenberg folly cost taxpayers.

    So where is the outrage over the cost for Democrats to do the “placeholder” candidates?

    1. The Kloppenburg move wasn’t a folly, in fact what it revealed was Waukesha County was unbelievably incompetent compared to every other county in the state. To where there were over double the amount of mistakes, torn open bags, and broken seals compared to every other county in the state combined. Think of that for a moment – one county alone in Wisconsin did more than double the mistakes and shifty things than the other seventy-one counties combined.

      That is unacceptable to me, so you can go and cry more about that but to me that just shows either crookedness or incompetence at best. (I’m leaning towards crookedness because my name wasn’t removed from the sheet to Recall Hansen despite me calling, writing, emailing the GAB, and so on as soon as I found out. I’m planning to find other people around the area who had their names put on there without their permission, suing the GAB for incompetence and publicly humiliate them. That is, if the conservative majority even looks at our case. )

      The false equivalency is failing, because it’s getting more and more clear that all the conservatives want to do is keep themselves in power, cripple small businesses by forcing them to take middle men when it’s already hard enough on them, cutting away at whoever is against them and taking away rights. You’re justifying deceptive tactics just because they choose to use their freedom of a recall effort.

      Just put ideals against ideals and see how they fare, not wasting our time with diversion tactics.

      1. I think you need to find a better source T (besides the DPW or daily kos) because that’s just not right. According to the GAB’s final results the count was off by 112 votes (+68 for Prosser, +19 for Kloppenberg and +25 scattering) out of 125,182 votes cast. There were 1,233 errors for the state. That error rate – of about 1118 votes per error found in the recount is almost dead on with the aggregate error rate for the state of about 1217. Which then is not surprising that in terms of error rates per votes cast, Waukesha is 40th out of 72 counties. Your own Brown County was 35th and had 64 votes change out of 60,692 for a vote per error rate considerably worse at 948.

        FYI the worst, in order were: Menominee, Waupaca, Iron, Rock, Jackson, Sawyer, Green lake, Oconto, Shawano, Wood.

        They list the data by wards as well, but it would take a bit more work to go though that since there are well over 3000 wards in the state – and breaking it down by municipality would be interesting as well, but labor intensive especially where cities are included in multiple counties.

        1. Honestly? I was not talking about the ‘margin of error’ – of course the GAB is going to let Waukesha County go – just as they let my plagiarized signature go through to recall Hansen. I was talking about the mistakes in bagging procedures to begin with and the inconsistent story telling. The bags themselves having holes, rips, tears, and breaking in it is what I’m talking about not the votes themselves.

        2. Here’s the difference of what I’m talking about: The bags themselves were torn apart, unsealed properly, or did not go through the proper chain of custody. It’s not the votes that I’m having a problem with – it’s the bags in the chain of custody itself and how many were damaged in proximity of the rest of the counties.

          Votes ≠ The bags themselves. If the bags were perfectly all right in Waukesha County? All right, let it go. Prosser won. But the bags didn’t, they had most the most chain of custody problems, improper sealing, and so on. Yes there were more mistakes in say Brown County in terms of votes themselves, but the sealing itself was for the most part proper other than a few mistakes. Waukesha County’s sealing and bagging however is ridiculously incompetent to the rest of the state in proportion.

          So you can you blame me for thinking one of the reddest counties in the United States somehow magically pulled up a mistake like this?

          1. Just so we’re clear then – do you believe the GAB is not credible…they’re either biased or incompetent? Does this apply to all of their findings or just the ones you don’t like?

            1. I think the GAB is incompetent overall, not because of the decisions I don’t like. They have shown it historically by the issue with Waukesha County’s Kathy Nickolaus decision when she gave extra votes over to the Democrat in one race. I think they’re incredibly incompetent and/or horribly biased.

              The GAB should be just that – hold the Government Accountable for their actions and mishandling.

              I’ll be honest with you: just because I think the Republican Party cheated in Waukesha County, doesn’t mean that I don’t think he won. I think he did win, it was just by a very small margin, perhaps by a few hundred or less votes. Honestly, if the votes were all recounted in Waukesha County, and even a little bit off like a hundred votes for Prosser and no bags were damaged? I wouldn’t be bothered by it. It’s the voting bags that set my alarms off, not the votes themselves. This is on the principle that sometimes people lose count, often slip up and have two votes stick together, and so on.

              I went between Milwaukee County, Brown County, Waukesha County, and Dane County to see the votes being counted. One thing I noticed, while there were some mistakes in Dane, Milwaukee, and Brown County? Only a few bags were damaged and when they were, they had a signature that said it was damaged in the chain of custody from that night when they were being counted. Waukesha County had many bags with eight inch holes in them, with broken seals and no signatures with the chain of custody. The poll workers were shocked at it because they didn’t remember the bags being like that. All of Brookfield’s bags were like that. However, this is not saying there were not legitimate votes in there – it’s just the difference that bags in the rest of the County were also the same way but more scattered.

              I casually made a prediction if there were more than 40 bags with these problems in Waukesha County, there was definitely something going on there. There were way more than 40 bags damaged. I would also go as far to say as near a hundred. More than the other three biggest counties – if not the state combined.

              What I’m trying to say is in a recount, numbers change no matter how you look at it because of those said mistakes. It’s once again not the votes that bother me, I actually think the other counties – Ozaukee and Washington County for instance, despite also being one of the most conservative counties in Wisconsin – were clean. Waukesha is the only one that shown a degree of shiftiness and incompetence despite going through the same questioning as the other counties in the state, prolonging and making excuses. Which I find ultimately ironic because conservatives always tout the meme of personal responsibility – it actually gives me a reminder of why I left the conservative movement since majority of them never do take it.

              They did not remove my name and counted me for Dave Hansen’s Recall when I don’t even live in his district. I emailed, I wrote letters, I talked on the phone to them several times to get it removed along with my little brother who isn’t even ofvoting age and won’t be until after the November Elections of next year. They counted them either way. Yes, I am mad. I find it hypocritical they are trying to push the Voter ID law yet they didn’t even bother to check if the people they are counting for legitimate signatures are actually in the district.

              This is not a whole “Are you just against their decisions” of the GAB. It’s an issue they’re not listening to what we have to say.

            2. I suppose you wouldn’t understand the principle of the matter, your name wasn’t put on a fucking recall sheet. I had faith in the GAB, I wanted to believe in good in Waukesha County, but as soon as they ignored my countless calls, where I was polite, calm, and told them repeatedly to remove my brother’s and my name… They didn’t listen.

              I called ten times, I sent many concise polite emails, I sent professional letters.

              That is why I don’t trust Waukesha County. That’s why I don’t trust Republicans. That’s why I don’t trust the Government Accountability Board. I was trusting until that happened. When I saw that my name and my brother’s name was put through and counted. I wouldn’t be able to go to Green Bay to vote for Hansen because I am registered to vote in the 2nd District. Why is my name used to get him recalled?

              The moment those names were counted, was the moment I realized the scum bags this entire conservative movement is. That was the moment I didn’t believe anything conservatives said anymore.

              You expect me to trust conservatives and their ruthless actions? You expect me to see that they did ‘little’ mistakes?

              What gives them the right to count my name and take it to use to their advantage just because they found it in a phonebook? What am I supposed to do with this, take this to a crooked court of a conservative majority that will say I am lying? That will push me aside just like they pushed aside that woman who was sexually harassed by that County DA?

              You don’t know how personal this is.

              1. Because your name was counted that makes conservatives the scum bags? Really? Like I said how do we know you or your brother did not sign it just to cause trouble like this. But besides that point I thought the GAB was non partisan so because they left your name on the recall how does that make it a conservative problem, it is amazing how liberals just like to blame everyone else for the problems they create,

                1. As if any progressive here is reasonable. All paryt hacks who goose step to whatever the unions and DNC tell them to.

                    1. Certainly not. He never says anything constructive on the Green Bay Development Forum either on Skyscrapercity so I’m not too surprised.

                    2. And I am saying this as someone who actually does agree with the conservatives there on that forum in terms of development in terms of the city. He’s not one of them.

      2. Again, T and his ilk try to paint the results in Waukesha as some conspiracy. THERE WAS NONE. The numbers all matched up, and the “torn” bags are simply a pitiful attempt by the left to discredit the election.

        1. Then explain why the GAB counted my name and my brother’s name on Dave Hansen’s recall sheet?

          1. And that has to do with Waukesha? Or the recount? You continue to beat “my signature appeard…waaah….” so please spare us. Again, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RECOUNT.

            ANd Jeff, did the counts match up? YES. Much ado about nothing…but then again that’s all you have.

            1. It shows that it’s biased to the Republicans. How would you feel if your signature appeared on something you didn’t believe in? I believe in government accountability, not ass patting for an administration incompetence.

              You were one of those people who cried about Voter ID – so it’s completely all right to count over 2,000 people that live out of district for a thing they can’t vote for?

              It has everything to do with the Republicans and the recount. I called in repeatedly, to take my signature off whether you like it or not. I believed in the good intentions of these people up until my name appeared on it that was not written in my writing. Like they went down a fucking phonebook.

            2. When my name appeared on that and was counted, despite me telling them not to count it. It was just one name, but it was my name you double standard holding hypocrite. Everything afterwards like the coddling of Waukesha County fell into place afterward in retrospect. I was questioning the conspiracy theories if you followed me the entire time. I said it was possible, but chances are Prosser won either way.

              Now? I believe they did add in ballots and I’m no longer sure if Prosser won or not. He may have. But the fact is I am no longer sure and that is the horrible thing about it. Because the Government Accountability Board throughout the entire time kept changing it’s story. Making it easier for us to forgive that poor little incompetent Red county.

              You know what that tells me? That as long as you’re a Republican, as long as you’re conservative rules don’t apply to you. Standards don’t apply to you. it’s all right and everything will be forgiven. These are just little mistakes. If my name was removed, I wouldn’t be so angry now and furious, but it wasn’t.

              This is what the Government Accountability Board tells me. I expected them for just that: accountability. They couldn’t do that.

      1. Close yes, but after the initial canvassing it was clear that the margin was going to stand. The recount circus was not necessary, and a folly.

        The recount allowed the Kloppenberg lawyers to throw everything they had to try and de-legitimize the election, and they failed. In my little town, it took an entire day to do the recount because the lawyers were contesting every single step…and the total change in votes was ZERO.

        So please, don’t try repeating the same old garbage that this was a VERY close election. Even Kloppenberg should have conceded…after all, she wanted Prosser to concede after the INITIAL count put her up by only a few hundred.

          1. Apparently you can’t count, or have no clue about statistics. THere’s quite a difference between a few hundred AND SEVEN THOUSAND. But alas, all the huffing and puffing and you STILL couldn’t find a way to cheat to a win.

        1. “So please, don’t try repeating the same old garbage that this was a VERY close election.”

          Yeah, it wasn’t VERY close at all; Prosser winning by .46% is a LANDSLIDE!!!!!

  2. It’s funny when the union controlled supreme court candidate wanted to spend hundred of thousands of taxpayers dollars on a recount she had no chance to win, not a pee from the left but all of the sudden they are concerned about spending tax dollars…HYSTERICAL!

    1. It’s funny that when JoAnne Kloppenburg, acting fully within the law and her rights as a candidate, requests a recount of a very close election conservatives are all up in arms about how she’s wasting taxpayer money, yet when Scott Fitzgerald and the Republican Party of Wisconsin want to waste hundred of thousands of taxpayers dollars running fake Democrats in recall elections, many of those same conservatives don’t have a single thing to say.

      Just admit that you’re a hypocrite already, Notalib.

      1. And is any law being broken? You infer that somehow a law is being broken, which is not. I find it interesting that the Democrats are running “placeholder” candidates, while Republicans are running “fake democrats”…does one justify the other.

        And Zach, it WASN’T close…by any stretch. An error in counting, T., that is all. Yet I know you continually want to spin the results to somehow show ‘underhanded’ tricks. No tricks, just a loss when EVERYTHING was thrown at Prosser.

        1. So wait, the Supreme Court race wasn’t close? Is that what you’re asserting?

          I ask because it seems ludicrous to say that race wasn’t close, considering Prosser’s final margin of victory was 7,004 votes out of nearly 1.5 million votes cast, giving Prosser a margin of victory was 0.46%.

          That’s close, despite what you believe.

          1. It was only close when all of the votes were not counted, once counted it was a major victory, no where close enough for a recount. All it was about was once again liberals trying to use the courts to get their way when the people reject their ideas via the ballot box.

            1. Just like how your Republicans of honesty and integrity used my name to their advantage.

              1. You keep saying that but how do we know that you DID not SIGN the petition just so you could use it to try and get it thrown out?

                1. Wow. You really think I would waste my time even signing the petition? You dare make that accusation about me? Oh wait, you called me a fucking terrorist, I remember now! You think us liberals are some how magically organized to be on the same wave length like we’re telepathically connected? Don’t make me laugh.

                  Listen NotaLib, whether you like it or not most people are honest and principled in their actions. When I canvassed for Cowles, those who didn’t want to sign due to their beliefs? I explained myself, if they chose to slam the door on me? That was fine – I moved on.

                  Of course, considering the Republican Party cannot do any wrong in your opinion? There’s no convincing partisan hacks like you.

                    1. I support gun rights NotaLib, and I myself am questionable about certain government unions. Teachers and nurses are not one of them because teachers seriously get a lot of crap they don’t deserve. As someone who has came through school recently, I cannot begin to tell you how disrespectful, destructive, and out of control children are because people will not actually stop to raise their children. Nurses also need unions because they protect people from bad doctors.

                      What I do have a problem with the teaching system in this country overall, such as private kicking out students that are problems to the GPA, making things purposely easier and memorizing tests so they can get to college but end up not knowing anything. Putting slower kids in special ed class just because they can’t write as fast as the rest of them so their SAT can look more impressive. These are the issues that need to be looked at, and we need to stop standardizing things.

                      We need to break free from the standardizing testing and actually get back to teaching. We cannot be cutting from public schools and expect them to thrive. Furthermore, the data of the Milwaukee School District, before it began funding everything to the Private Schools – they were at the same levels in education.

                      I have no problem with private schools. I have a problem with private schools kicking out a student because he bombs a test because he wasn’t taught properly by teachers who simply told him to ‘read the book’ instead of actually explaining it.

                      I was in a liberal public school district, and I am glad for it. And when I mean liberal? I mean they allowed freedom and individuality. No teacher told us we were outright wrong for our opinions unless they were things like mathematics, science, and so on with solid answers like history. You could have an opinion on what historically happened, but you cannot lie about it. And critiqued us to get better. That is why I stand for these teachers now.

                      Furthermore, another huge reason I voted for Barrett was that he was going to fix the taxes particularly with School Districts.

                      I won’t get into the whole issue that the bill takes away some of my property rights too. I have very much a reason not to like this bill and not just because of the unions. I am far from partisan even if I am a liberal, and you should very well know that if you read any of my comments.

        2. Oh, and I didn’t infer any laws were being broken; I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of conservatives attacking Kloppenburg’s recount request as being wasteful while not criticizing Republicans as being wasteful for running fake Democrats in recall elections. But hey, I guess wasting taxpayer money is okay when Republicans are the ones doing the wasting, right?

  3. The Kloppenburg recount was a waste of money, plain and simple. We didn’t need to blow $500k to see what was wrong with the Waukesha Clerk’s methods. The Brookfield error was evident to anyone paying attention. The errors uncovered Statewide were infinitesimal in significance to the overall election count…and just one more reason (as if we weren’t swimming in examples already) why it’s laughable when a Democrat feigns disgust at wasting taxpayer money.

    I think it’s a stupid idea to run fake candidates. I’m disappointed in the Republican leadership mainly because it is a scheme I would expect from Democrats.

    1. If Im not mistaken, before the Republican clerk in Walkersha County came up with the Thursday Miracle of finding just enough votes on her computer that NO one else was allowed to see, Kloppenburg was up by about 400 votes and Prosser had already hired Geedubyas recount attorney.

      Just because kathy Nickolaus had a history of Voter fraud why would anyone think that anything she was doing was not 100% on the straight and narrow?

      Of course the small margin that Prosser “won” by was small enough to kick in a state funded recount. It actually amounted to about 2 votes per ward difference.

      So your comparing Apples to volkswagens if you compare this to the repubs unethical scheme to run “fake” candidates. Although I think we need to find a new word because “fake” candidates could easily apply to kapanke, Hopper, Darling, etc… I mean seriously how are these people qualified to run a lemonade stand even?

      1. Curious – you keep putting “won” in quotes. Had the recount found Kloppenberg the winner – by any margin – would you be doing the same?

      2. If you can’t comprehend the difference between demanding a recount when the margin is 200-300 votes versus demanding a recount when the margin is 7000-plus…I don’t know what to tell you Jeff.

        And yes, Democrats pretending to care about wasting taxpayer funds is laughable.

        1. I understand the difference completely. One would have been done by a republican and the other was done by a democrat.

          I understand that perfectly!

            1. I did 400 votes or 7000 they were both still under the margin where a recount will be paid for by the state. The recount added a few hundred for Kloppenburg so if her 400 vote lead held up, she would have won after Prosser’s recount.

              Wisconsin Fiscal “conservatism” means if the dems want it we are broke and if the repubs want it money is no object.

              1. Before or after the canvassing? Oh, that’s right, there WASN’T a canvassing before Kloppenberg’s ‘victory’ announcement BECAUSE THE RESULTS WERE NOT PRELIMINARY. And yes, if it were 400 votes, then a recount would have been in order.

                But then again, you continue to fail math if you think 400 and 7,000 are REMOTELY close. Yes, they are both “under” the margin for a recount, but all level of statistics and number crunching wouldn’t have helped WITH 7,000 votes.

                What we do see here is the exact reason why Kloppenberg and her handlers demanded this folly — throw everything you can up and keep the conspiracy theories up and running. Well, you failed.

    1. So in other words you don’t want to answer my question because you don’t want to admit you’re okay with Republicans wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money by running fake Democrats in recall elections.


      1. Personally I think it is a waste of time and a waste of money. The majority of the Republicans will get re elected while I see two of three Democrats getting defeated. Hansen will lose by double digits, in his district.

        1. “Hansen will lose by double digits, in his district.”

          The only danger Hansen is in would be from David VanderLeest physically assaulting him, based on VanderLeest’s record.

  4. If Notabrain can admit he’s an idiot, I’ll donate 100.00 to Zach’s blogsite.

  5. Tel you what Jan I could care less if you donate to this blog but if you donate the $100 to “Wis Right to Life” I will grant you your wish

  6. What is it like in Madison. I saw this email.

    I live on the capital square. Horns and drums blow all night. Every time I go onto my balcony protesters shout insults–“look the riches are out”. Tonight I witnessed 2 clean-cut obviously conservative males accosted by a group of protesters, who then called over the police, who then took one of the conservative men off into custody claiming he threw something at the protesters. It is so slanted and aggressive we are afraid to walk around the square. They have taken our neighborhood and our capital hostage. I am disgusted and ready to do whatever it takes to overcome these thugs.

    1. I love when you post supposedly “factual” accounts without providing any source for the material, as if we’re supposed to believe that what you’ve written isn’t just a figment of your imagination.

  7. i have no doubt that some anonymous person who happens to walk out on their deck and look down would know exactly what just happened at a skirmish on the street without a shadow of a doubt.

  8. Isn’t it lovely that Notabrain loves fetuses, but hates them when they get outside the womb? “Right to life” really means: “I’ll do whatever I can to prevent you from having an abortion. After you have your child, I’m going to prevent you from getting it health care, food, education, and jobs.”
    Right-to-lifers are death mongers, plain and simple. A turd by any other name is still a turd.

    1. I love babies Jan which is what the mother is carrying. Next I am not preventing them from health care, food, education, and jobs. They have every right as every American to get an education, get a job that will allow them to provide food and health care. Stop the lying Jan.

      1. They have every right as every American to get an education, get a job that will allow them to provide food and health care.

        get a job that will allow them to provide food and health care

        get a job

        That would be wonderful if there were jobs to be found.

        You know, I remember this joke among Republicans I dealt with, that they seen a poor man on the street saying he’d work for food then they said “I will hire him to mow my lawn for fifty dollars.” and it ends with “Welcome to the Republican Party.” in victory. However, one thing struck me about that joke – would they pay fifty dollars for each time they mowed the lawn so the person who didn’t have a job could feed themselves? It was an interesting reaction, because it wasn’t something that crossed their minds so they quickly ignored me.

        Something to think about.

  9. Anyone hear about Rick Santorum and the time he authorized a partial-birth abortion for his wife at the same time he was leading the charge in the Senate for the ban on partial birth abortions with no exceptions?

  10. Notabrain wants babies to get a job. Like I said before, he doesn’t want a woman to have an abortion, but he won’t lift a finger to ensure that the baby born to that woman gets adequate health care, equal rights under the law, education, and food. Rethugs are such hypocrites. They preach “right to life”, but they don’t give a rat’s ass after the baby is born whether or not that baby will have a decent life. Rethugs only care about themselves. Selfish, self-centered, dishonest assholes.

    Under George W. Bush, 700,000 jobs were lost in the first 23 months of his term.

    “Back in 2001, CRS said, the Congressional Budget Office projected gradually rising federal budget surpluses for the next decade. The tax cuts helped alter the outlook “dramatically,” and the budget in 2002 recorded a deficit for the first time since 1997.

    “The Bush tax cuts, with a $1 trillion 10-year price tag, contributed to this shift from budget surpluses to deficits,” CRS said. Other contributors included the 2001 recession, the increase in defense spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

    But the tax cuts “generated the largest 10-year increases in budget deficits,” CRS said.”—source Politifact, quoting the non-partisan Congressional Research Service and the Congressional Budget Office.

    Rethugs give to the rich and steal from the poor and middle classes. They don’t give a crap about babies, equality, jobs, or education. They are lying sacks of crap. Notabrain is a perfect model rethug.

  11. Jan you are just a typical dumbocrap. Diarrhea of the mouth and nothing to say. Go back to Kentucky I am sure there must be a second cousin of yours who has 3rd grade education who would love to have your babies.

  12. Once again, Notabrain demonstrates that he is an idiot. I post facts. He posts stupid.
    By the way, Zach…Notabrain was vituperative in his condemnation of me using a word he didn’t like in one of my blog posts, yet he is allowed worse invective in his comments than I made in that post. Interesting double-standard there. Do you keep him around as sort of an ill-tempered, nasty pet?

  13. Jan you want to talk about unemployment numbers as least Mr Bush did not do what Obama did recently. Mr Bush never blames ATM’s for the loss of 1,900,000 jobs like Obama has done with his failed administration.

  14. Ok Jen lets look at your statement of ignorance shall we. “but he won’t lift a finger to ensure that the baby born to that woman gets adequate health care, equal rights under the law, education, and food”

    I was a foster parent for almost 15 years for kids of all kind a backgrounds. I did make sure the got good healthcare, I did make sure they were properly educated, I did make sure they were properly feed. You can sit there in your almighty world acting all special because you SUPPORT a women right to kill babies, where as I actually did put my words into actions. So Jen you can sit there is Madison call me a rethug, call me notabrain but when it ccomes right down do it your are typical leftwing windbag who has the morals compass of a stone.

    1. “your are typical leftwing windbag who has the morals compass of a stone.”

      Listen, I’ve put up with an awful lot from you, but to be honest I’m sick and tired of your constant name calling and sweeping generalizations.

      1. Yeah fortunately he’s the only one or this thread would be unreadable…oh wait it is…

      2. Oh please stop playing games she was the person that started the name calling and childish taunts on this thread but I am the one one go after.

  15. Notalib, you often come on here and announce some remarkable life experience that supposedly validates your extremist views. I’m glad you’re proud of your life, but those stories are invalidated somewhat by your anonymity. Here’s the real deal: I respect all your stories when I’m able to verify that you are in fact a warm body. As an actual adoptive father, with evidence you can look up easily by use of my name, I’ve got the right to call BS on some anonymous extremist claiming this that or the other.

    Otherwise, if you fear being a real person, cite some sources. Capische?

  16. I too adopted a son. He is a member of the Oneida Nation and on the tribal roll. I do not care one bit if you or any other person believes my story, you matter nothing to me. The kids that I have helped through the years, the calls I still get from some on birthdays, Fathers Day and Christmas mean so much more to me than what anyone, especially someone like you thinks. I know, the kids know and God knows and that is all that matters.

  17. He makes my case for me with every post. Poor Notabrain.

    Oh, and by the way…I don’t believe anything he states regarding his alleged fostering and adoptions. Know why I don’t believe it? Because he’s lied so much in his posts that I can’t accept his assertion that he has cared for children in the past. And even if he actually did all those good deeds, it makes his extremist views (as Steven so aptly stated) that much more repugnant. How could anyone, after fostering and adopting children, think that tax cuts for the rich and tax raises for the poor and middle classes is a good idea? How could anyone, after fostering and adopting children, think that access to health care and education for all people is wrong—when corporations such as GE and Exxon and Haliburton earn BILLIONS off the backs of those same working people, and then move their monies offshore so they don’t have to pay taxes on them?

    I’m with Steven here. He can make all the claims to sainthood that he likes. His constant stream of hate belies the claims of loving his brother.

  18. Jan it hurts me that two far left lemmings like Steve and your self do not believe me oh the pain I am in….two things and I know both of you will never answer but unlike liberals who do things just so they can feel better about themselves and that is the only reason liberals ever do anything, I helped those kids without alternative motive, something no liberal can ever say, secondly please show me ONE post of mine that I says I support the increase taxing of the middle class and poor. Do this without your leftwing rhetoric you all use, try to be a free thinker for once and actually use your own words and ideas, something we rarely see from progressives and far left fringe people like you and Steve.

    1. “unlike liberals who do things just so they can feel better about themselves and that is the only reason liberals ever do anything”

      Generalization, and a pretty idiotic one at that.

      Also, I’d just like to address your point that you helped kids “without alternative motive, something no liberal can ever say,” I’ll just add that I think that other than you celebrating the deaths of liberals, that has to be one of the more disgusting things you’ve written on this blog. I live my life to help my kids, and I do it because I love them; not because I have some ulterior/alternative motive.

      I’m guessing it will be a good long time before I allow you to comment here again, because you’ve been warned more than once about toning down your rhetoric.

  19. Notalib, it is clear that you don’t understand what rhetoric is, and certainly that you follow no rhetorical rules for effective argument. Go read Aristotle. . . he’s very conservative, you know, and is the clasical rhetorical expert. What’s amazing is that in flinging several accusations, assertions and insults you show not one tiny bit of evidence, and certainly cite no sources. Those actions would show at least a small bit of understanding about rhetoric.

    By the way, it is “ulterior” motive, and you showed an ulterior motive, by your definition, in your previous post. As to your maligning my motive for adoption, you only show your low class.

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