Verify the “Verify the Recall”

There has been much written about the recall verification process, from me pointing out that the fraud people are complaining about is NOT fraud, then Phil points out that statistically there will be very little fraud, then Steve points out that maybe the Fraud they did find is not exactly what it seems.

Today, as Jay has pointed out before, GAB is finally abiding by their statutes. That upset the "tea party " i mean the verify people tremendously.

Ross Brown, president of the tea party group We the People of the Republic, said the elections board wasn’t doing enough to weed out fraud, and that “clean and honest elections” are at stake.

“We are finding abnormalities, we are finding duplicates,” said Larry Gamble, spokesman for the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, the other tea party group. The two groups had enlisted more than 13,000 volunteers, including at least one person from all 50 states, to help build a database to review the signatures, he said.

We have already pointed out the dangers and reasons behind the "tea party" placing these addresses online. Let us now focus on one of the key players – Larry Gamble. While they claim that they have 13000 “volunteers’ from all 50 states, they are all anonymous, except for Mr. Gamble.

“What we’re providing is a way for citizens to be involved,” said Larry Gamble, a member of the Tea Party Group, The GrandSons of Liberty.

Mr. Gamble has been involved before so let’s take a look. Larry gamble is a Milwaukee Blogger, who challenged jeff stone in the republican primary. During the protests at the capitol last year, Mr., Gamble placed open records requests to many of the school districts in the state to get a list of names of teachers who took time off to protest. Apparently Mr. Gamble has an obsession with putting lists of people’s names in the public realm.

Unfortunately that is not all that Mr. Gamble has an obsession with. He, and his organization Grandsons of Liberty, have a problem with minorities and students actually voting. Mr. Gamble is also against government spending, unless of course taxpayer money and facilities are used for one of his extremist rallies.

So if that is the record and background of the “non-partisan just wanting fair elections” verify the recall” “fraud” watch team it makes one shudder to think who all the people they are hiding anonymously are.

In the end what do the verify people want anyway? $$$$ Money of course!

That all being said, I believe that the signatures should be verified, but let’s do it right. Let us make sure that we have above board people with ethics and morals, without a hidden agenda, who we can trust to actually verify these signatures. Unfortunately, “verify the recall” is not it!

PS: If you check out the facebook page of the “non-partisan” verify the recall, you will notice that any liberal or progressive who has joined and commented has had their comments censored and subsequently been banned from the group.


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7 thoughts on “Verify the “Verify the Recall”

  1. “…any liberal or progressive who has joined and commented has had their comments censored and subsequently been banned from the group.”….. Yes, but some are working covertly with VTR to “verify” in ways that VTR may not expect. Prior to starting in WI, they allied with True the Vote (Texas) which has caused chaos across the nation. In fact, “True The Vote has developed an exportable model with which to train poll workers across the country”. It’s one thing to verify. Another to “train poll workers” to subvert the election process itself!

  2. The Verify The Recall / True The Vote group is collecting two mailing lists – one of people who’d like to volunteer, one of people who claim they didn’t sign – as well as generating a third list of all people who signed. Nowhere do they explain what they’ll do with the lists. Will they be sold? Will they be used for political purposes?

  3. An honest question: Does the new voter ID law eliminate the possibility of “caging”?

    1. James – Voter Caging still illegal – does it eliminate the possibility of it? Not if Americans for Prosperity and the tea party are still operating in WI.

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